In the nearby surroundings you can go hiking, take family walks on the beach, do a power walk at Mt. Gunnólfsvikurfjall, and for the most hardy, even circle the mountain; or just take a walk wherever you desire.

Hikes on Mt. Gunnólfsvíkurfjall:

Mt. Gunnólfsvíkurfjall is a high and impressive mountain, rising 719 meters above sea level, with sharp cliffs, especially on the south and east face. It is said that the mountain used to be entirely grass grown and a beaten road along the sea side. Today the mountain is scarred with landslides and gravel. Its face seaward is  steep and not possible to access, if it ever was possible. The mountain is part of the Langanes peninsula, which also has some other smaller mountains or fells. There is tremendous view from the top of the mountain in good visibility. You can see as far south as to Mt. Herðubreið and the Dyngjufjöll mountain range. On top of the mountain is a radar base, built by NATO in the ninth decade of the last century, one of four in the country, as part of the Icelandic Air Defense System. The mountain is popular for hiking, as the nature of the mountain is very special and much to see.

Hiking at Mt. Gunnolfsvikurfjall

You can walk up to the mountain top and see  far down to the Eastern fjords of Iceland, in good visibility, and throughout the Northeast part of the country. You can also circumvent the mountain, a hike that takes a full day.

Family walk on the beach:

It can be adventurous walking the beach at the Fell farm. Because of ocean currents and the farm’s position, which lies deep in the bottom of the Finnafjörður fjord, many interesting things drift ashore from far corners of the world. One can often find various treasures on the beach from afar. The shoreline is also rich with bird life and other wildlife. Whales can often be seen  performing just outside the shoreline.

Whales of the Beach at Fell

Whales off the beach at Fell

Shoreline at Fell

Shoreline at Fell

Veðurspá / Forecast



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